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Khehla Art:


Khehla Art is an African-inspired art/craft/decor product which is completely handmade and hand-painted. The basis of the technique is derived from traditional African paste-resist fabrics, such as the well-known 'Kikuyu Cloth', where a paste design is drawn on the cloth to mask the outline before the paints are applied. The resist is then washed off to leave a white outline. 

We have developed a technique in which the paste remains on the cloth, to form a raised, black outline, rather like the leaded line in stained glass work. The outline is resin-based, and doesn't come off the cloth. The designs are then coloured in, using specially formulated fabric bases and pigments. But our cloths differ in that we have developed means to double-wash or even triple wash the colours so that they aren't flat, but give a warmer, swirled effect, something like strong watercolour or gouache. White, silver and gold dots are then applied to certain areas of the black outlines and buttons to create a beaded effect, adding further texture to the pieces. 

A wide range of our designs can be viewed at, under the Khehla Art link. By zooming in on the pictures, the raised outlines and dotted bead decoration can be viewed close up.




Donovan: 082 467 4824


Property for sale