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The first settlement in the Free State


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Newsletter 1:

(Local business, Lab-o-Mat, gave us R10 000 Thank you Uys!! Lab-o-Mat has been manufacturing quality form, fill and seal machines for many years. We manufacture a variety of machines at our exceptionally equipped factory in Philippolis, a picturesque town in the southern Free State).

The community of the small Karoo town of Philippolis FS (the oldest settlement in the province) started this week with a cleaning and revamping initiative. It will stretch over the following 12 months, with the official launch on Friday 21st Sept 2012.

Farmers and business people are lending their equipment to the community to repair and build roads, repair dam walls, build storm water systems, re-establish the dumping site, mine gravel for the roads and clean the town and the adjacent Poding-Tse-Rolo and Bergmanshoogte. Already the town is abuzz with about 70 volunteer workers, 3 tractors, a TLB and bakkies.

Locals and friends of this town are donating cement, paint, bricks and other building materials. Plants are being donated by gardeners to beautify the town.     

The Kopanong Municipality offered to supply 7 000 liters of diesel for this project. The local garage offered to repair the only one ton bakkie of the Philippolis unit of the municipality at no charge.  On the 21st we expect a grader, a bulldozer, 2 TLB’s, tipper trucks, 10 tractors and trailers and approximately a 1000 children and adults partaking to make this a historic moment for our town.

This community decided to stop to criticize, to stop to complain, to stop to blame government for everything that is wrong and start to do whatever they can to change things for the better.



Property for sale